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NEW! Pronunciation Score, EPS score, CEFR score, TOEFL score, TOEIC score, PTE score ADDED in Scripted API

Scripted API Premium V3 now returns:

  • utterance.nativeness_score and utterance.nativeness_score_partial changed to utterance.pronunciation_score and utterance.pronunciation_score_partial
  • utterance.eps_score, utterance.cefr_score, utterance.toefl_score, utterance.toeic_score, utterance.pte_score are added
  • utterance.decision can now be “correct”, “warning”, “incorrect” (from “correct”, “almost_correct”, “incorrect” in v2)
  • utterance.has_speech is removed, a “false” is equivalent to the “UNSPOKEN” type in utterance.attempt_type
  • utterance.words.text is the equivalent to v2’s utterance.words.text_orig
  • utterance.words.word is the equivalent to v2’s utterance.words.text
  • utterance.words.decision can now be “correct”, “warning”, “incorrect” (from “correct”, “almost_correct”, “incorrect” in v2)
  • utterance.words.phonemes.ipa is the equivalent to v2’s utterance.words.phonemes.trans
  • utterance.words.phonemes.decision can now be “correct”, “warning”, “incorrect” (from “correct”, “warning”, “error” in v2)